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Outsourcing India
Outsourcing India
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System Software Development

Infinity Informations has emerged as a professional provider of systems software development services. Infinity counts on innovation and advance technologies to deliver a wide range of target-specific scalable, reliable & state-of-the-art system software development solutions & applications. Combining excellence, vision, creativity and technical expertise, Infinity is specialized in offering first rate system development solutions around the world. From small to fortune organization, Infinity is capable of fulfilling all automation systems needs of various industries.

Success of any business heavily relies on generating innovative and efficient system development, which should be further backed by a strong & flexible system development life cycle & solid project lifecycle management practices. An ardent team of professionals at Infinity emphasizes on creating premium quality system development by leveraging the power of robust system development life cycle, which includes the following phases;

  • Planning Project & Finding Feasibility that gives a high-level scope to the project & determines its goals.
  • Systems Analysis & Requirements Gathering that further refines the project goals into defined features, functions and operation of the intended system development. This phase includes an intelligent comprehension & analysis of end-user information needs.
  • Systems Design phase that illustrates the desired features and functions in a more detailed way.
  • Implementation involves coding by professional programmers & developers.
  • System Integration and Testing involves assembling all system pieces into a special testing environment for errors, bugs and interoperability check up. This phase ensures the quality & elucidates efficient functionality of the system.
  • Acceptance, Installation, Deployment is the final stage of SDLC that involves putting up the system application into running mode to do actual business.
  • Maintenance & Support involves assurance of an enhanced life of system & ample scope for modifications, correction, and compatibility on different computing platform in order to meet not only current but also future demands. Thus, maintenance & support becomes the least glamorous but credibly the most important step of SDLC that goes on ostensibly forever.

Infinity wants its clients to be at the forefront of their industry; hence it delivers projects that are intelligently designed, predictable, feasible to different operating platforms and nearly inexpensive to operate. To date, Infinity has ventured into hundreds of successful projects including;

  • Object-oriented System Development
  • Embedded System Development
  • Integrated System Development
  • Distributed System Development

Why to go for Infinity

  • Technical Expertise
  • Least Time & Cost
  • Personalized Service
  • Seamless Coordination with clients
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