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Outsourcing India
Infinity Informations
Outsourcing India
Outsourcing India
Infinity Informations
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Outsourcing India

Outsourcing is no more a concept of cost reduction; it is a reality, in fact, a strategic and essential element of growth. Offshore Outsourcing can help business enterprises in streamlining their core operations with cost effectiveness, quicker turnaround time and minimal attrition rates. Software Outsourcing has long passed the incubation stage; it is now an IT trend that has been utilized to its full potential. Many Fortune 500 companies gain access to top-notch software engineers with a significant cost advantage by outsourcing their software development projects. Offshore Software Outsourcing projects can almost double their net savings.

Outsourcing India

India is the hub of the global offshore software outsourcing business. India has a competitive edge and clear-cut advantages over other contending players (destinations) in the Offshore IT Outsourcing business with the availability of a huge pool of skilled human resource and encouraging government policies for the IT sector.

Some of the factors that make India a potential offshore software outsourcing destination are:

  • Skilled Workforce: India has the largest pool of talented and trained knowledge professionals
  • Cost Efficiency: Companies can make a killing of the competitive cost, as the labor cost in India is considerably cheap
  • Government Policy: Government policies give huge concessions to the IT sector
  • Quality: the software service sector has been maintaining the highest international standards of quality
  • Infrastructure: Software and technology parks in India have world class infrastructure
  • Location & Time-Difference: The time difference due to India 's location ensures seamless work flow
Advantage India:

Highest Quality Software Solutions at Minimum Cost
Largest English Speaking Population, after the US
Effective & Seamless Communication Processes & Network
Highly trained Technical Workforce – Quality over Quantity
Educated, Industry Certified, Technical & Domain Expertise
Stable Initiatives by Indian Government to Promote IT/BPO Services
High Tax Incentives with Removal of Tax Barriers
World Class State-of-the-Art Infrastructure & Research Labs
Infinity Advantages:

Infinity is a name to reckon with in the offshore IT outsourcing business. We have been offering a wide gamut of Software development outsourcing services and other value added services related to the software services domain by maintaining the same quality, efficiency and sensitivity that define our service standards in the most cost-effective way.

Infinity employs professionalism and management skills to nurture a successful outsourcing relationship that can produce good business results. Offshore software outsourcing at Infinity can give your business a competitive advantage with the features highlighted below:

  • Cost effectiveness: we offer you the most cost-effective software development solutions without compromising on the quality
  • Knowledge Professionals: you can get a talented bunch of skilled workforce trained in the latest technologies to work for you
  • Ethical Standards: at Infinity, we uphold a high ethical standard and professional integrity in meeting datelines, maintaining secrecy, IP protection etc
  • Top-notch Infrastructure: we have a state-of-the-art technology lab that meets international standards
  • Domain expertise: we have a team, proficient in diverse technological platforms and industry verticals
  • Seamless Communication: we facilitate constant interactions at all levels to give you a better insight of the whole processes
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