Get to Know Me

Hi there! My name is Analiese and I would like to identify myself as a surfer:) I’ve been surfing since I was able to walk. I grew up in Hawaii and my dad was a professional surfer and I was his little girl and biggest supporter. When thinking of my childhood I just think of me being out there in the ocean with him with no fears just happiness and love out there in that big ocean. I now live in California but visit my family in Hawaii a lot and I also go to South Carolina to catch waves as well. You  could say I chase waves and dreams and not boys. It’s important to me that I focus on myself and growing as a person before I can deal with the BS. My favorite things in this world is the ocean, my surfboard, friends, family, poke, coffee, sunsets/sunrises, love, and my dog. If you combine that all together you have 100% of me! Thanks for getting to know me, enjoy my blog!