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DotNetNuke(DNN) Web Content Management System


DotNetNuke is a web content management system (WCM or CMS) and application development framework written in VB.NET for the ASP.NET framework use to quickly build and deploy feature-rich, interactive web sites and applications. The content management system is extensible and customizable by the use of skins, containers, and modules.

DotNetNuke Skins and containers are used to improve the look and feel of your website. We can create custom skin based on your current website or design provided.

DotNetNuke Features:

1. Easy to Use: The DotNetNuke content Management System makes it easy for the administrators to add, delete or modify the content anytime from anywhere by just login to the site and modify the content according to the need.

2. Powerful: DotNetNuke CMS support Multiple Portal Management, it can support multiple websites from a single application installation.

3. Modules: More than a Dozen basic modules are included with the core DNN Distribution; other modules for more functionality can be downloaded from the DotNetNuke website. Modules vary from adding text, images, FAQ, Forums, Links, blogs, survey etc. Additional third party modules for extra features are also available free by some open source communities and paid modules by proprietary commercial DNN developers.

4. DotNetNuke Skin and Containers: Skins and containers are used for the website look and feel; we can change the look and feel of the web site by changing the different skins or container without affecting the content of the website in few seconds.

5. Drag and Drop: You can easily add any module to any page by just drag and drop in your website without affecting the website content.

6. Security: you can secure your website pages by specific security setting applied allow or deny users from viewing, editing, or administering the pages of the website. You can create a private area containing downloads, company Reports or other reports etc, only accessible to the company staff or website registered user only.

7. Localized: DotNetNuke includes a multi-language localization feature that allows administrators to easily translate their sites into any language.

DotNetNuke comes with dozens of standard modules. These modules provide most of the functionalities. Following are few of the modules and their functionality:

Account Login: Allow registered user to login to the website.

Banners: The Banners module displays vendor banner advertising.

Blog: Enable authorized users to create and maintain a blog (web log).

Contacts: for displaying contact details e.g. Name, Email, Phone Number etc.

Events: Events module displays upcoming events as a list in chronological order or in a monthly or weekly calendar.

FAQ: The FAQs module permits authorized users to manage a list of questions and corresponding answers.

Forum: Forum Modules enable authorized user to create discussion forum.

Links: Display the list of links.

Repository: The Repository module stores and displays a range of items.

Survey: Module displays a survey consisting of one or more survey questions.

Text/Html: Module enables basic and rich-text editing.

We have solid expertise in DotNetNuke content Management System development. We have expertise in DotNetNuke Website Design, DotNetNuke skin Development, DotNetNuke Website Development, custom DotNetNuke Website Design, DotNetNuke module Development in India for clients around the world.

Our well trained and experienced professionals have developed variety of DNN Skins, DNN Content Management Systems, and Custom DNN Modules according to the client requirements.

Our DotNetNuke Services include:
DotNetNuke Skin & Container Development
DotNetNuke Content Management System
DotNetNuke installation
DotNetNuke Web Development
DotNetNuke Website Design
DotNetNuke Redesign
DotNetNuke Module Development
DotNetNuke Website maintenance
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