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Infinity: Ottoman Souk
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Industry: Whole Sellers & Retail, Online Commerce Stores
IT Services: e Commerce Solutions

Nature of Business:

Ottoman Souk, Inc. has been providing quality Turkish garments and accessories since 1997, a leading purveyor of shawls, scarves, wraps, and Pashmina shawls.

Issues Faced:

OttomanSouk wanted to retail its own inventory without any middlemen, and wanted a solution that promised an intricate Content Management System that could enable them to update their inventory, handle special offers apart from offering complete order reporting and customer information, and monitor a series of cutting edge CRM features which no other garment and apparel ecommerce site could boast.


Infinity developed, in the dynamic platform of Microsoft .NET, a thousand hour application which is a 3 tier in shopping cart layout, allowing for complete control of categories, sub-categories, and individual products. There is an advanced shopping cart facility, allowing for a wish list, basic and advanced criteria search, and completely dynamic product entry. allows for sorting through products by region, price, and rankings. Shoppers can sift through the vast selection by category or region. Each item offers up to 3 further cross sells. The interest of the surfer can be further piqued by the best sellers provided for each category. A shopper can recommend the product to a friend or simply purchase and checkout apart from viewing the ratings each item has received from other shoppers.

OttomanSouk customers can send Gift Certificates to each other, or take advantage of the Special Package Deals which bundle many products at wholesale prices. Members who have been wise enough to sign up with this storefront receive HTML newsletters rich in content and graphics, and can also enjoy the OS Points Rewards Program, which offers them a $10.00 rebate for every $250.00 purchase they make online!

We employed Microsoft's .NET technology --ASP.NET for developing the application. The complete solution comprised of the following programming tools:

  • ASP.NET 2003
  • C# 2003
  • VB Script
  • SQL Server 2000

To maintain the proper development and a complete track of the project right from analysis to deployment, the following tools have been exploited to their optimum level.

  • MS Visio
  • Allfusion Erwin


OttomanSouk now manages and maintains a complete E-Solution which allows them to achieve what they set out to do: retail their inventory to the entire online market directly, with a rich and deep platform which has features and benefits that makes the customers want to keep coming back for more.

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