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Infinity - California Quik Check
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Industry: Finance
IT Services: Web Application Development

Nature of Business

CQC (California Quik Check) sells variety of products and services i.e. dispense cash, lotto lottery, money orders and others. The company operates the business at fixed locations like regular shops as well as using trucks as mobile stores. The goal is to develop a solution which helps the company to operate the business efficiently and improve the productivity. Also, it needs to provide a management to implement a better reporting mechanism and control over the business on a daily basis. The expected solution will eliminate a majority of paper work and automate the flow of existing manual processes. The system must have the capability to scale enough for future business.

The dispense cash is further divided into two lines of business

  • Payday Advance
  • Check Cashing.

Technology used and Solution

Infinity provided a robust solution and devised a list of features that can help CQC to completely replace their manual process. The Solution has been divided into the following sections given below:

  • Admin Section
  • District Manager Section
  • Store Manager Section
  • Teller Section
  • Mobile Teller Section

The Admin can configure each and every step of the application for getting the Payday Loans and check Cashing. On start-up, the Application detects Group and User Security through its own Security Management.

It was assumed that all the stores are connected with internet for data synchronization. Because of the nature of business, the application on local offices will use local database and further get synchronized with the central database. All the communication will go through HTTPS or/and other encryption mechanism. There will be one version of software application which will work with local and central database, and the application hosted using the central database will be accessible through the internet. The local user will transmit the data for that particular branch and the user will be able to have access defined by the administrator at central office.

The system has a robust reporting, which helps the management to view sales geographically, seasonally and effect, in case of any change in service policy or rates etc.

The current system has an inbuilt security module and hence when the user has to log in, he/she has to go through a predefined authentication and authorization process.

We employed Microsoft's .NET technology: - ASP.NET for developing the application. The complete solution comprised of the following:

  • ASP.NET 2003
  • C# 2003
  • VB Script
  • SQL Server 2000
  • MS-Project (for Project Scheduling)
  • MS-Visio (For Database Diagram and generation of Class UML).


  • The application was to be developed as a Web Application for the Stores and the Headquarters and a Desktop Application for their Mobile Vans.
  • There was a need of data synchronization between the Central Database and the Local Databases of the different Mobile vans.
  • Admin can create different Route plans for their Mobile Vans.
  • Over the time, CQC can dynamically assign the permissions for the application of its employees.
  • An Application has to undergo Screening, Validation and Evaluation to be recommended to the approval for the Payday Loan
  • Group and user security using Security Module developed.
  • The Web Application should be Web-Based and Intranet based.
  • This application was to automate the sales of a variety of products and services i.e. dispense cash, lotto lottery, money orders and others.
  • It will also automate the complete Inventory for its stores and mobiles, for these products.


Following are the benefits of the CQC Application:-

  • The manual process of the Payday Advance and Quick Cashing was completely automated
  • Enable the evaluation of the different content components of an Application to be performed in parallel.
  • Electronically record the Validation results for the Application.
  • Mark the Applicants as Black List, High list or Delinquent applicants.
  • Electronically generate:
  • Applications Reports
  • Route Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Internal Notifications
  • Enable an authorized user to enquire upon the current state of an Application
  • Enable system notifications or alerts to be generated upon the occurrence of defined events.
  • The Solution authorizes multiple operators having same/different set of privileges.
  • This solution has increased license speed by 70% in time.
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