5 Reasons One Night Stands Are Awkward

There are so many perks to having a one night stand like possibly getting pleasured but let’s be honest here; shit can get really uncomfortable. You’re getting physical with a complete stranger and most likely intoxicated beyond means to fully grasp what you’re entirely doing.

1. What’s There Name Again?

You were caught up at the moment, and you’re not even sure if you gave them your real name, let alone remembering the one they told you. It’s more than normal to scream your lover’s name during no strings sex or address them to make a comment, but then you realize that you don’t even know what the first letter of the name could be.

Chances are things got hot and heavy before any information was shared so when you start coming to or want to possibly stalk them in the future you wouldn’t even know where to start.

2. Do They Have STD’s?

I mean the same could go for you if you’re willing to bang it out the first night meeting someone and then you start thinking that it’s probably not their first rodeo either. You’re not entirely sure if they’ve been tested recently or you would be ok if the condom accidentally broke and whether you would be instantly affected by whatever disease they may have.

It’s hard to stay at the moment when these thoughts are running through your head because your main focus turns to not becoming pregnant or impregnating this random person let alone catch any deadly sexual diseases.

3. You Accidentally Fell Asleep:

So you’ve done the dirty and completely exhausted you turn your head the other way and pass out. Little do you realize how uncomfortable you just made things because you now have to see them in the morning, hoping they don’t secretly hate you for making yourself feel at home and spending the night.

Hopefully, you both are on the same page about what happens once you have sex, but there is a huge possibility that someone won’t get the hint and overstay their welcome.

4. You Know You’ll Never Talk Again:

For the most part, the whole point of a one night stand is that you’ll never see or speak to that person again and most of the time people are okay with that. Until you end up trying to have a sexy random night with someone who gets a little clingy and start prying for information as if you’ll see one another again.

Pillow talk is for relationships or people who are planning on pursuing the situation, not for random fucks

5. They Don’t Know What You Like:

If you’re the type to instruct someone during intercourse, then this won’t really bother you, but for the people that have particular sexual needs, it may be hard to be satisfied by the night’s end. It’s important that each party is feeling pleasure but most cases that won’t happen, and you’ll end up being annoyed you went along with the whole night.