5 Of The Worst Hook Up Habits

If you’ve ever had a cringe-worthy hookup, you bet your unfortunate ass that they did at least one of these things that they most likely do after every hookup. Especially if the night is clearly a one-night thing or even a fuck buddy situation, make sure you’re not the one with the annoying habits. If you slightly partake in a couple of these make sure you break your habit faster than you skimming over my main points because you’re going to be dropped like it’s hot every single time.

1. Automatic Sleepover:

I get it, it’s cold, and you’re drunk and want to cuddle after but don’t just assume that you’re spending the night in their bed. Offer to get yourself an uber or have a buddy system where your best friend is DD’ing. You need some plan because if the night doesn’t end up happening as expected, you need to be able to escape whenever you want to.

Someone people would rather sleep alone because they have weird sleeping techniques of shoving a large retainer in their mouth or occasionally snore, kick and talk so make sure you get the OK before getting too cozy.

2. Ghosting:

Just because it was a one-night stand doesn’t mean that you can’t leave the whole thing open for a possible future hookup or at least send a text letting the other know that you had a great night. This term has become too regular that it’s almost rare for people to talk after a hookup, especially a day after.

There is no shame in letting the other person know how good they are or fun you had even if you don’t want to pursue it. Stop being stubborn and thinking you’re this sexual god(less) that needs to stop talking to someone immediately after, have some decency.

3. Lingering:

If you do end up spending the night, do not wake up and continue to linger around their place before they wake up. Stop trying to drag it out into this huge ordeal when you probably shouldn’t have stayed in the first place.

Either you’re looking for morning sex or just don’t understand social cues but make sure you look for the hints and run out of there before you make things more awkward.

4. Fridge Searching:

Don’t you dare make yourself feel comfortable and head on over to the refrigerator without getting permission or having them get something for you? There is nothing more unnerving than someone scavenging through your pantries and fridge casually eating you and your roommate’s groceries without saying a word.

5. Instant Exclusivity:

It’s perfectly okay to get slightly attached after a hookup, but if this was just an impulsive, spontaneous sexual fling doesn’t automatically assume that they aren’t doing this type of thing with other random people. I know you’d hope that you’re special and hopefully, they want to pursue you, but that’s not always the case, so either has the talk a different day, but it shouldn’t be a part of the pillow talk immediately after.