5 Biggest Sexual Turn Off’s For Women

Where do I even start? There are much more than five things that turn women off from jumping into bed with the first decent looking fella in the room. The majority of these things are considered an easy fix and common sense to keep a handle on, but sometimes men are clueless about pleasing women physically and mentally.

If women can’t get over the fact how repulsive you are, then she’s going to have a hard time getting down and dirty with you. These might be the reasons you’re not having any luck getting anyone into bed with you so take a gander and learn.

1. Bad Kisser:

Unfortunately, there was never a sex ed class that helped you become a better kisser, but everyone should know what they’re doing for the most part. There will be times where you simply don’t have a sexual rhythm with whoever you’re making out with, and it’s both of your faults.

I do however believe that majority of women; especially the one’s going home with you the same night, have had their fair share of experience when kissing, so you need to step up your game. Make sure you have a signature move whether it be a light lip biting or sex tongue insertion to give yourself a trademark k that will be hard not to enjoy.

2. Quiet In Bed:

There’s nothing more annoying and unsatisfying than a nonexistent moaner or silent sex. The whole point of being sexual is relaying sexy information throughout the night and constantly reassuring the other person that you’re enjoying just as much as them.

Obviously arousing comments such as “you’re so sexy” and “ holy shit” during will make her inclined to do more things you like because you’re making her feel sexy and appreciated. Especially if he’s close to cumming and gives you no heads up because he’s silent. NO ONE should be silent when they’re reaching climax or experiencing an orgasm; there’s nothing fun in that.

3. Assistance In BlowJobs:

We get it; you like what we are doing down there and want us to suck a little harder or go in a little deeper. Well, we don’t get to magically turn off our gag reflex off, so this will annoy us beyond measure. Pulling our hair and positively reacting to our job well done is another thing that we do enjoy but don’t you dare get all bossy and force us to pick up the pace when you’re lucky we are even down there doing the damn thing in the first place.

4. Stank Breath:

There’s a reason mints and gum were invented, and it’s to put in your mouth before you start a full-on makeout session. Even if it’s the little spray mist or some minty mouthwash, whatever you do, please don’t go in for a kiss when you can taste how bad your breath smells.

Thankfully women usually come prepared and have gum in their mouth to counteract men’s bad breath, but sometimes that’s not enough. Or if you’ve received the “bad breath” comment on multiple occasions you may want to check yourself out for gingivitis in case you have permanent stink.

5. Long/Gross Fingernails:

Do not touch us if your nails and hands look like you’ve just got done massacring people and then burying them in your front yard. Especially if you’re trying to get into some foreplay which makes us sad to tell you that our vagina is allergic to gross things being shoved up there.

If you can’t keep your hands clean, then it makes us weary to see how you’ve been cleaning your penis which you want to shove in us as well.


Hope you enjoyed this article – for more sex tips head over to justbang.com and check out their blog which is full of tricks, tips, and secrets.